A new poll has been released this morning by the Tarrance Group, on behalf of Public Notice, an advocacy group that aims to curb government spending, which shows that American voters are concerned withregulations and the impact they have on both businesses and the nation’s economy.

The poll shows, “The American worker is also seen as receiving a hit from more regulation, with 59% agreeing that ‘additional federal regulation on businesses put the average American worker at risk of job loss.’ Also, a majority (56%) agree that ‘additional environmental regulation has a negative impact on local communities through tax increases and job loss,’” according to a write up from the pollster.

The poll also finds:

Support is low for more environmental regulations on businesses. Only 40% says there should be more, while a majority (53%) says the level of regulations should remain where it is now (28%) or there should be less (25%)….

Americans also believe regulations have an impact on their pocketbook. Nearly three quarters (72%) agree that “additional environmental regulation increases the price of energy for things like gasoline and electricity.” Another 68% agree that “more environmental regulation increases the price of everyday items like food and clothing.”

Voters prefer new regulation be enacted through Congress, as 64% agree that “no new expensive regulation of business should be allowed without first getting approval from Congress.”

Voters throughout the country remain focused on jobs and the economy, with 34% saying this is the issue Congress should be focused on right now. Another 17% say government spending is the most important issue, while only 2% say “climate change and the environment” is the top issue.

This polls seems to confirm that voters want government to get out of the way and let American businesses lead us out of this down economy.

The write up of the poll can be found here.

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