Newly released polls from Rasmussen Reports and WeAskAmerica show that Mitt Romney has overtaken President Obama in Florida in the wake of the first presidential debate. Three weeks ago, Rasmussen showed Obama with a 2-point lead in the Sunshine State (48 to 46 percent). That margin has subsequently swung 4 points toward Romney, who now has a 2-point lead of his own (49 to 47 percent). A little over two weeks ago, WeAskAmerica showed Obama with a 3-point lead in Florida (49 to 46 percent). That margin has now swung 6 points toward Romney, who now leads by an identical tally (49 to 46 percent).

Romney’s lead in Rasmussen is fueled by a huge surge in his level of support among independents. That poll now shows Romney with a whopping 25-point lead among independent voters in Florida — 55 to 30 percent — compared to Obama’s having held a 3-point lead among such voters (46 to 43 percent) just three weeks ago.

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