Ohio voters go to the polls tomorrow to vote on approving a recently passed public sector labor law, and a new survey from Public Policy Polling finds that 59 percent of those voters are against the law. Senate bill 5, passed by the Ohio legislature and signed by Republican governor John Kasich, requires public employees contribute to their health insurance and pension plans as well as limiting collective bargaining for those employees.

Only 36 percent of those polled approve of the law. Read the full results here.

Read John McCormack on why Ohio's public sector union law will likely fail at the polls. Here's an excerpt:

Although the polls show Ohio's collective bargaining reform headed for repeal in a referendum Tuesday, Governor John Kasich has no regrets he signed the legislation last March. “Everybody’s got to face this sooner or later,” Kasich told THE WEEKLY STANDARD in a phone interview. "This is part of an overall plan to get reform from top to bottom. It’s extremely difficult. No one has tried this level of reform, that I’m aware of in the country, including Wisconsin."

"People will learn from this," Kasich says. "And we’ll see what happens on Tuesday."

Whole thing here.

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