The Democratic firm PPP polls four Wisconsin state senate recall elections and finds Republicans above 50 percent and leading their Democratic opponents by double digits in three races:

SD-23 (MoE: ±3.6%):

Kristin Dexter (D): 41

Terry Moulton (R-inc): 51

Undecided: 8

SD-29 (MoE: ±3.6%):

Donna Seidel (D): 37

Jerry Petrowski (R): 51

Undecided: 12

SD-13 (MoE: ±3.5%):

Lori Compas (D): 40

Scott Fitzgerald (R-inc): 54

Undecided: 6

In the fourth state senate race polled by PPP, the Republican leads by 2 points:

SD-21 (MoE: ±3.9%):

John Lehman (D): 46

Van Wanggaard (R-inc): 48

Undecided: 5

This is pretty great news for Wisconsin Republicans. They only hold a 17 to 16 advantage in the state senate (temporarily, it's 16 to 16 due to a vacancy), but even if they lose the one race PPP shows to be competitive, they'll have an excellent shot of retaking the senate majority in November due to redistricting.

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