Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus reiterated that he believes Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster over the Obama administration’s drone policy was a “unifying moment” for the GOP and that the party is "totally on board" with the libertarian senator.

“I think Rand asked a reasonable question that he deserved an answer on, and I was proud of the fact that he stood up and captured the country by standing up to the president. And I thought that was great,” said Priebus after an address at the National Press Club in Washington Monday morning. The RNC chairman had said last week in an interview with the Des Moines Register that he thought the Kentucky senator’s filibuster was “completely awesome” and had brought unity to the party.

When questioned about the disagreement among some party members with Paul’s filibuster, Priebus downplayed the divisions.

“I also think in some respects it was [about] standing up to the president. I mean having a minority in the Senate and standing up to the president and saying, ‘Wait a second. You have to answer this question,’ which is a reasonable question,” Priebus said. “And the reason I thought it was great was I thought it was a great unifying issue for our party and, other than a couple of comments made, it was a unifying moment for our party, and I think we needed it. I think, for the most part, the party was totally on board with what Rand Paul did and standing up and saying, ‘You’re going to answer my questions and this isn’t right and I’m going to stand here and make it happen.’”

Asked if Paul is the future of the party, Priebus declined to answer.

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