Zwara, Libya—The coastal city of Zwara, near the Libya-Tunisia border, is under siege by pro-Qaddafi forces who continue to shell the city and appear to be the last of Qaddafi’s forces still fighting in Libya.

The area between Zwara and Sabratha was the under control of revolutionary forces as of yesterday evening, including an important gas plant that supplies electricity to the region. Qaddafi’s forces have destroyed the Zwara water treatment plant, and continue to attack civilian targets. Four people were killed yesterday, and 2 rebel fighters and an unknown number of civilians have been killed today.

Rebel fighters in Zwara have been reinforced by 160 Zwara men who were in exile in Tunisia until returning by sea yesterday. The commanding officer of the revolutionary forces in Zwara, Senussi Mohammed, has been trying to reach NATO to call up an airstrike against the Qaddafi loyalists, which include a brigade commanded by Khalid Kweily.

Senussi has offered Qaddafi’s forces amnesty if they cease fighting, but they have refused, and refuse to even come to the table to negotiate. One witness, Juma Devan, speculated that fifty percent are still fighting because they are brainwashed true believers in Qaddafi, and the other fifty percent are fighting out of ethnic hatred for Zwarans, who are Berbers.

Right now, the Libya-Tunisia border near Zwara is also occupied by Qaddafi’s forces.

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