From: Mme Safia Farkash

Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 23:24:37 -0400

To: TWS Editor

My dearest Beloved frend,

I am writeing to You be cause a mutuel frend whose name I am not permited to disclose has essured me that you are a compassionate and mercifal Person and a trustworthy Person in whom I can confide in these terible times for me and my famly. Please do me the honer of listening to my situation and ofering a Hand in frendship. I wil be forever greatful and may God (the compasionate, the mercifal) forever bless You.

My name is Safia Farkash and my husband, Col Moammar Qaddafi, is the enlighten leader of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahariya. Becaus of circimstances wich I can not bare to repeat I find miself now in Algiers with my children while my Husband remains in his capital of Tripoli to defend his country agenst the infidels and unbelievers. I am in Algiers and I am in good health, thanks be to God. But it sadens me to tell You my dere frend that because I am enable to travel beyond the borders of this country I am privented from gaining axces to my bank deposits at the Banco Liban at 35a Via Veneto in Roma, Italy. I have in deposit at the Banco the sum of no les than $27.5 milion in cash but as You can certinly understand it is necesary to employ a generos "Intermedeary" to asist me in transfaring that sum from Roma to Algiers that I may eat and feed and clothe my dear Children and pray to God.

If you would be so compassionate and mercifal as to inform me of the name of your bank and the number of your accont I wood be able, thanks be to God, to wire thes monies from the Banco Liban to a deposit here in Algiers, and for Your kindness and generosity I wil pay You a comission amounting to 15% or the sum of $4 milion cash to be deposited in Your bank as comission and as thanks for Your beneficence in helping a woman in distress who has no frends in this strange country.

Go with God,

Safia Farkash

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