Jennifer C. Braceras notes in the Boston Herald that "Liz Warren has been unable to put to rest the flap over her claimed Native American ancestry. That’s because the controversy raises legitimate questions about the integrity of this Senate candidate and Harvard Law prof, who once listed herself as a minority — despite being, at best, only 1/32nd Cherokee. But the story also has legs because of questions it raises about affirmative action in the 21st century — and about Warren’s views on this issue."

Braceras goes on to ask four questions of Warren:

1. Do you favor racial preferences in university hiring and admissions? In the corporate world? In federal contracting? How about in government lending policies?

2. Do you believe that racial preferences cast doubt upon the qualifications of minorities who would have excelled without the extra boost?

3. Who should “count” as a minority for purposes of affirmative action? Anyone with minority roots? Or only those who are one-fourth or one-half minority?

4. Does “diversity” include all minorities? Or only those with left-wing political viewpoints?

These are important questions, Professor Warren. The public deserves your answers.

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