Quinnipiac's poll of registered Republicans in Florida shows Rick Perry leading Mitt Romney by 9 points in the primary. With Sarah Palin running, Perry's lead is a few points smaller (28% to 22%), while all other candidates are in the single digits (Palin 8%, Cain 7%, Gingrich 7%, Paul 6%, Bachmann 5%). Quinnipiac also asked registered Republicans: "Suppose the primary came down to a choice between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, for whom would you vote?" Perry comes out on top again with 46% to Romney's 38%.

Quinnipiac reports that it's not looking too good for Obama in the general election in this key swing state: "All Florida voters disapprove 57 - 39 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, his worst score in any Quinnipiac University poll in any state."

Whlie Romney leads Obama 47% to 40%, Perry trails Obama 42% to 44%.

Is Romney doing better than Perry against Obama because the Texas governor isn't well-known to voters? Quinnipiac doesn't post favorable/unfavorable numbers for the GOP candidates, so it's not clear. But there has been some positive movement here for both candidates: "In the August 4 Florida poll, Romney and Obama were deadlocked 44 - 44 percent while the president led Perry 44 - 39 percent."

Could Perry's Social Security comments be hurting him in Florida? Quinnipiac asked all voters: "Based on what you've heard or read, do you think Rick Perry wants to fix Social Security or end Social Security?" Thirty-five percent said "fix," 37% said "end," and 28% didn't know.

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