Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, is politicizing the clean-up of Hurricane Sandy and, he says he offered help to the Democratic mayors of Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Emanuel does not appear to have made the same offer to Republican governors whose states have been hit by the storm.

"But when I initially asked the mayor what Chicago would do to help out the hurricane victims, he said this, 'We are sending them some of the best reporters we have,'" a local radio report says of Emanuel.

"After much laughter, Rahm continued, 'He said help and I thought that would be the best help to the city of Chicago!'"

The announcer then says, "But he said, seriously he's offered the mayors of Philadelphia, New York and Boston any help Chicago can give."

Emanuel does not appear to have offered help to Republican governor Chris Christie, who he seems to take much joy in mocking, or Republican governor Bob McDonnell, whose state of Virginia was also hit hard by the storm.

Of course, it Emanuel who famously said, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Listen here.

UPDATE: Illinois Republican party chair Pat Brady responds: "Leave it to our mayor to politicize a national tragedy. The loss of life and untold damage incurred along the East Coast demands a serious and solemn response. Attempts to politicize this tragedy to score cheap political points are shameful."

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