Rahm Emanuel's brother, Zeke Emanuel, told NBC's David Gregory that Obamacare uncertainty is driving up the cost of health care insurance premiums:

"The last thing, of course, is what happens with cost, which may be the biggest question of all," said Emanuel, referring to the implementation of Obamacare. "Can the premiums be kept relatively stable and not growing at, you know, 10, 12 percent? The first year is filled with uncertainty. No one, including the insurers, the hospitals, the federal government knows how many people are going to come in. Are they going to be a broad representation of people who are uninsured or are only the sick going to go in? That is a big fear of the insurance companies. That's why you're seeing the increase in rates. They're worried, well, only get the sick. we're going to pay a lot of money so we're increasing the rates as a uncertainty."

Zeke Emanuel, like his brother Rahm, was an adviser to President Barack Obama.

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