Kentucky GOP senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul is "not saying [he's] completely opposed" to "maybe even bombing" the genocidal Islamist terrorists known as ISIS. But Paul also isn't saying that he supports bombing ISIS. Politico reports Paul has "mixed feelings":

“I have mixed feelings about it,” the senator said Monday evening of the recent strikes against ISIL targets. “I’m not saying I’m completely opposed to helping with arms or maybe even bombing, but I am concerned that ISIS is big and powerful because we protected them in Syria for a year. Do you know who also hates ISIS and who is bombing them? Assad, the Syrian government.”

“So a year ago, the same people who want to bomb ISIS wanted to bomb Syria last year,” he continued in remarks were first reported by WBKO.

It's not true, as Paul implies, that everyone who wants to take military action against ISIS supported military action last year against the Syrian regime.

Some U.S. officials believe that our failure to support and arm the Free Syrian Army helped empower ISIS. Paul apparently disagrees with that assessment, but it's not clear why he believes one's opinion about military action against Assad has any bearing on whether it is a good or a bad idea to now bomb ISIS. It's also not clear why Paul thinks the U.S. "protected" ISIS in Syria when the U.S. never took military action against Assad.

While Rand is still trying to figure it all out, his father Ron, the former congressman and presidential candidate, tells Russia Today that the United States should "stay out of it."

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