President Obama is with Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the HIV Foundation Center in South Africa, where a 15-year-old "rapper" performed "Hell on Earth" for him this afternoon. Via the pool report:

Potus entered a classroom type building with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who was wearing a pink cassock and a large silver cross. About six young boys sat in front of screens. 

The program offers after school support, which includes English conversation, and computer learning.

Tutu said "We have a staff that is very, very dedicated."

After shaking hands with everyone, Potus squatted down on his haunches between two boys looking at computer screens.

"What are we working on right now?" he said.

Tutu said "The other guys will be jealous."

Potus then went to the back row of the class and saw someone had his book for children "Of Thee I Sing."

"They were wise to buy my book," he joked and said he would sign it.

"You can go and sell it," Tutu told the boy with a cackle.

Then another guy said he was a rapper. And Potus persuaded him to perform.

His name was Aviwe Mtongana, aka Katmeister, 15.

Potus looked on with a smile as he rapped away with a rap entitled "Hell on Earth."

Here it is transcribed as best as I can understand it.

"What you gonna do

Watching TV, you watching Scooby Doo.

Saying the punch line, he's not cool.

Having the party with the funny (koo)

Until you realize that .... Doom

Now come and smile with the puma system

Until you check again the work is missing


That's the spirit ......

Heading to the goal with something failing

Now you face the hardest living

Getting out there is not pimping

The real way is through rapping."

Then it ended with some language I couldn't understand.

Asked what it was like to rap for the president, the boy said "cool."

"It is a big thing and I am really proud I have met him and to do my song for him"

Then Potus called for a picture and left the room with Tutu.
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