A new national poll of 1,000 likely GOP primary voters from Rasmussen gives Herman Cain a slight lead at 26 percent, with Romney close behind at 23 percent and Gingrich in third at 14 percent. The remaining Republican candidates all received less than 10 percent. Only 32 percent of those polled, however, considered themselves "firmly committed" to their preferred candidate.

Rasmussen also found that in a match-up among only the top three candidates, Romney leads with 33 percent, while Cain has 29 percent and Gingrich has 24 percent.

Meanwhile, a Rasmussen poll from earlier this week saw wider margins between Cain and Romney in South Carolina, an early primary state where Cain currently leads. Nationally, Cain leads Romney by about 2 points in the RealClearPolitics poll average.

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