One month and one day before the most important presidential election in the past quarter of a century and perhaps in the past century and a quarter, Rasmussen Reports shows the race being about as even as it could possibly be. At this point, Rasmussen’s state-by-state polling shows that President Obama would win by the tally of 271 electoral votes to 267 for Mitt Romney.

All of Rasmussen’s polls in the nine key swing states have been taken in the past three weeks, although the polls have been taken at different times during that stretch. In these nine key swing states, Rasmussen’s polling shows Romney leading in Virginia (by 1 percentage point), Florida (by 2 points), Colorado (by 2 points), Iowa (by 3 points), and New Hampshire (by 3 points). Rasmussen’s polling shows Obama leading in Ohio (by 1 point), Nevada (by 2 points), Wisconsin (by 3 points), and Pennsylvania (by 12 points).

Two months ago, on August 2, Rasmussen showed Obama ahead by the tally of 284 electoral votes to Romney’s 235. Obama subsequently expanded his lead, eclipsing 300 projected electoral votes, before falling back into what is now, for all intents and purposes, a tie.

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