Rasmussen's latest survey of likely voters in New Hampshire shows Mitt Romney with a 21-point lead over Rick Perry. The poll, which was taken before last night's debate in Orlando, showed Romney with 39 percent of the vote among Republican primary voters in the Granite State, with Perry having 18 percent of the vote and Ron Paul with 13 percent. The remaining candidates all registered less than 10 percent.

This is the second poll this week to show Romney with a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, and the new RealClearPolitics average for the state gives him a 24-point advantage. The Romney campaign remains cautiously optimistic about these numbers in New Hampshire. One campaign hand says they expect the race to tighten in coming months but feel confident they will win the state.

New Hampshire is the site of the next Republican presidential debate, on October, 11 at Dartmouth University in Hanover.

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