The latest Wisconsin polling from Rasmussen Reports, taken yesterday and released today, shows Mitt Romney and President Obama tied at 49 percent apiece among likely voters. A week earlier, Obama led by 2 points in Rasmussen’s Wisconsin polling — 50 to 48 percent — so Romney is on the rise in the Badger State. Indeed, in its three prior polls taken this fall in Wisconsin, Rasmussen had always shown Obama to be up by either 2 or 3 percentage points.

The updated tally of projected electoral votes based on Rasmussen’s state-by-state polling is now Romney 261, Obama 243 — with the Big Ten trio of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa all tied.

Normally, GOP presidential candidates do better in Ohio than in Wisconsin, and that may well prove to be the case this time around, too. But with Janesville’s own Paul Ryan on the ticket, Wisconsin is now very much in play. (Ryan also has connections in Ohio, having gone to college there.) Under Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin voters have also had a great deal of firsthand exposure to a praiseworthy conservative reform agenda over the past couple of years, so that might also help Romney’s cause in the state.

The Democrats’ failed recall of Walker might actually help Romney as well. Scott Rasmussen writes that “in Ohio, almost all analysts believe the Democrats have a better ground game to get voters to the polls. That’s not the case in Wisconsin. The Republican ground game got a good and very successful dry run during the recall election in June.”

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