Ryan Streeter, editor of ConservativeHome, has asked his readers to react to the prospect of Paul Ryan running for president. The response has been overwhelming:

Paul Ryan would make an excellent president because he is extremely conversant with the issues and can go "toe to toe" with Obama. In my opinion, he is the one candidate that Obama most fears. Given other election cycles, Paul Ryan might not be the ideal candidate but for this one with the future of our country as we know it at stake, he is the standout choice. This is a moment where destiny is calling his name.

Pam - Tampa, FL

Paul Ryan is the anti Obama. Between the two, he will always come across as the real adult in the room. He seems genuine and sincere in his desire to restore this country's fiscal standing. He is gifted with an ability to explain complicated economic principles to the most mundane of us...Making a believer of this former Democrat.

Maria - New York, NY

This is truly an incredibly important moment given how much the United States' future rests on whether we can reform entitlements, get our National Debt under control, and save our economy. I see no other member of Congress so willing to be a courageous leader and offer an actual plan to help save our country. Please run for President, Representative Ryan.

Ian - Millis, MA

The first installment is here, and the second is here.

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