At National Review Online, Pete Hegseth documents the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who were just elected to the House:

On Tuesday, six Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were elected to Congress (and possibly seven, if Jesse Kelly pulls out his race in Arizona’s 8th district). All six (seven) of them support victory on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan and a hawkish national-security posture overall. ...

These warriors — and the two pro-victory Iraq veterans already in Congress (Duncan Hunter and Mike Coffman) — constitute a formidable new Victory caucus in the House. All eight (or nine) Iraq and Afghanistan veterans — an infantry-squad-sized element of Republicans — speak with special authority on very important issues facing the next Congress, especially winning the war in Afghanistan, winning the peace in Iraq, preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, and ensuring that the Pentagon has adequate resources to project American power and preserve American interests around the world.

Read the whole thing here. The veterans are certainly an impressive bunch:

Twenty-four-year Army veteran Chris Gibson of New York has been deployed seven times, including four combat tours in Iraq and a tour in Haiti during the Army's operation there last year following the devastating earthquake. Gibson will serve New York's Twentieth District in Congress. Highly decorated, he has earned two Legions of Merit, four Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart among other awards.

Steve Stivers, newly elected in Ohio's Fifteenth Congressional District, is a 25-year veteran of the Ohio Army National Guard. A lieutenant colonel, Stivers was awarded a Bronze Star for his service while deployed as a battalion commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom for almost a year.

From Florida's Twenty-Second Congressional District, retired Army lieutenant colonel Allen West served in the Gulf War as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan. The decorated West, who earned a Bronze Star and three Meritorious Service Awards, was reprimanded in 2003 for firing his pistol in the air while interrogating an insurgent. West spoke to THE WEEKLY STANDARD in August about his interest in American military issues as a would-be congressman.

An officer in the Air Force since 2003, captain Adam Kinzinger of the Eleventh Congressional District of Illinois has served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Air Force Special Ops, the Air Combat Command, the Air Mobility Command, and the Air National Guard. Kinzinger earned further hero status when, in 2007, he wrestled to the ground a man who was attacking a woman with a knife in Milwaukee. The act garnered him the Airman's Medal and the Wisconsin Red Cross's "Hero of the Year" award.

Dr. Joe Heck of Nevada's Third Congressional District is an osteopathic physician and an Army reservist. A colonel, Heck was first called to active duty in 1996 and later in 2003 for Operation Noble Eagle in Iraq.

Tim Griffin, the congressman-elect from Arkansas's Second Congressional District, is an JAG attorney and a major in the Army. Griffin served in Iraq in the 101st Airborne Division and was awarded a Combat Action Badge for his service there.

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