Hillary Clinton has already sold one million copies of her book, according to Mike Allen. Her book, Hard Choices, is set to be released next month.

"EXCLUSIVE: The initial printing of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 'Hard Choices,' out June 10 from Simon & Schuster, was 1 million books – and sold out after the publisher’s unconventional “reveal” of giving Vogue a Mother’s Day excerpt. That’s a real spike, and the figure doesn’t include retail preorders: Bookstores and other retailers ordered 1 million for further sale to the public -- a seal of approval from the booksellers that people will want to read the book," Allen reports.

--MINDMELDING WITH HILLARYLAND: As a surprise this morning, Simon & Schuster will reveal the “Author's Note” to those who've signed up at www.hillaryclintonmemoir.com. Both the text and the audio of that section are being released, to make it easily usable by broadcast media. The “Author's Note” is the very beginning of the book, laying out in simple terms why she wrote the book, what's in it (and what's not), the opportunities and challenges ahead -- and why foreign policy isn't about some faraway place you've never heard of. It's ultimately about America's national and economic security here at home. The book makes these points with a lot of behind-the-scenes color and never-before-told stories, both good and bad.

--THE THREE-LEGGED STOOL who planned the rollout: 1. Simon & Schuster President and Publisher Jon Karp, who was HRC’s editor … 2. Team HRC … 3. Robert Barnett!

--BEHIND THE CURTAIN: The network morning shows and NPR were given the “Author’s Note” text and audio in the wee hours, embargoed until 7 a.m. This passage is being released for similar reasons Vogue was given the Mother’s Day excerpt: 1. To build momentum in advance of the June 10release; 2. In a world where books always leak and as a result are often defined by others in ways the author may not like, it’s another opportunity to make clear to the public, on the Clinton camp’s own terms and timing, what the book is about. Team HRC: “We're not under any illusions that this book won't leak. But that doesn't mean we're resigning ourselves to that certainty, and not trying new and creative ways to present it to the public before that happens.”

Daniel Halper is online editor at The Weekly Standard and author of Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine (forthcoming).

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