A local Texas affiliate, KCBD, reports that 49 employees of Covenant Health Systems will be laid off due to Obamacare:

"In a news release, Covenant says it expects a 12-and-a-half million dollar decrease in reimbursement this year, and for years to come," says the KCBD reporter. "And they say it's because to the Affordable Care Act, cuts in medicare, and other federal cuts. Now, a statement released by Covenant CEO Richard Parks says, 'Covenant Health is financially stable, but changes we've experienced thus far and will continue to undergo are the direct result of reduced reimbursements and our efforts to make Affordable Health Care services available in our community going forward.' Covenant says its leadership will continue to position itself for success in the new normal of health care. And said that they will try and help the people that are getting laying off to locate another job within the company or elsewhere."

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