Adam Kredo reports that Secretary of State John Kerry has an "enormous" carbon "footprint."

"Secretary of State John Kerry and his advisers have emitted more than 35.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the environment during their ill-fated attempts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, according to a Washington Free Beacon environmental impact study," reports Kredo.

After taking six trips to the region since February, Kerry and his crew have expended almost twice the amount of carbon that the average American emits yearly, according to an analysis based on statistics from the U.S Energy Information Administration.

Kerry alone has produced 26,037.11 pounds of CO2 as he seeks to bring intransigent Palestinian leaders back to the bargaining table.

Kerry has claimed global warming is one of his chief priorities even as he repeatedly shuttles to the Middle East on a mission experts say is doomed to fail.

In addition to the impact Kerry’s trips have had on the environment, the trips have cost taxpayers upwards of $2,774,497, according to the Free Beacon’s analysis.

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