A Jerusalem Post reporter in Athens, Greece was reportedly beat up by thugs last night.

"The incident began around 8 p.m. when a group of about 20 masked men wielding batons started beating refugees, migrants and homeless people in the middle of the street," the Jerusalem Post reports. "Greeks walked by calmly as dozens of foreigners fled in every direction. The assault, which took place in the middle of the city in broad daylight with police nowhere in sight, lasted some 15 minutes. Shefler was chased down a street by several gang members after he took out his camera."

The reporter, Gil Shefler, is "in good condition," after a brief visit to an area hospital. Shefler has created this video to detail the experience:

He appears bloodied in the video, but remains cogent and in (relatively) good spirits.

The altercation comes at a time when Greece is experiencing unrest do to financial problems. "The financial crisis has exacerbated already tense ties between citizens and migrants, leftists and rightists in Greece," the Jerusalem Post reports.

It is unknown whether Shefler's assailants were from the extreme left or right, or whether it was entirely an non-politically motivated attack.

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