President Obama is currently speaking at Washington-Lee High School, a luxury school just outside Washington, D.C., about the high cost of education. The president's mission is, we learn from the pool report, "to discuss the cost of college education and to build pressure on Congress to extend the low-interest student loan program that will expire on July 1 unless Congress acts."

And the rest of the White House need not worry about finding students to interview for their press reports from today's event: The pooler, Rick Dunham of Hearst Newspapers, offers up his own relatives to his colleagues.

"Personal note," Dunham writes in his report, "Among Washington-Lee's senior class are my 18-year-old nephew, Jordan Ricker, and my 17-year-old niece, Delia Ricker. Jordan and Delia are among the college-bound students trying to figure out how to pay for higher education and how large a student loan load to take on. Feel free to email me if you want to contact info for Jordan or Delia."

Indeed, Dunham even implies that another colleague's relative might be game for a reporter keen on getting color for his story. "Another note-worthy senior: Raleigh Mills, daughter of NY Times WH photographer Doug Mills," writes Dunham.

In addition to today's speech, "The President and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are to host a roundtable with a handful of W-L students and parents before speaking to W-L seniors and juniors." Juniors and seniors, of course, are the only high school students who may be eligible to vote in November's presidential election.

Dunham also touts the school: "Washington-Lee is one of the nation's diverse high schools, with students from more than 50 countries around the world, and one of the top academic schools. Newsweek Magazine ranked W-L among the top 100 high schools in the nation."

Yet he fails to mention that the school has "a $95 million building with a vegetated 'green' roof, a 10-lane swimming pool and a cyber cafe," according to the Washington Post.

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