In a debate yesterday in Michigan, the Republican, the independent, and the Green Party candidate all agreed that Obamacare must go. While the candidates had different thoughts about what Obamacare should be replaced with, they all agreed that it should be repealed, leaving only Democratic incumbent Gary Peters to defend his pro-Obamacare vote. And this is not in a Republican-leaning district. Rather, it's in a district that, in the past three presidential elections, has essentially mirrored the nation as a whole – favoring Democratic presidential candidates by an average of 2 points.

The positions taken in this Michigan debate largely reflect the latest nationwide Rasmussen numbers, which show Republicans favoring repeal by 59 percentage points (79 to 20 percent), independents favoring it by 20 points (56 to 36 percent), and voters on the whole favoring it by 16 points (55 to 39 percent). (Rasmussen doesn't show numbers for the Green Party folks.) Only Democrats oppose repeal, and even they only oppose it by 25 points (34 to 59 percent).

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