Some Republican House victories will be sweeter for conservatives to savor than others.

In North Carolina's Second Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge lost to upstart Republican Renee Ellmers, a northern transplant and nurse who got her start in politics as an anti-Obamacare activist. Etheridge gained serious notoriety over the summer for this YouTube video, showing him knocking down a camera and grabbing a student around the neck.

Next, Republican Bobby Schilling, from the Seventeenth Congressional District in Illinois, who has now unseated Democratic Rep. Phil Hare, who also earned infamy among conservatives for a YouTube video where he stated he "doesn't worry about the Constitution."

Finally, there's Democrat Alan Grayson of Florida. From his uncharitable description of the GOP's health care plan to his grossly unfair ad against his Republican opponent Daniel Webster, Grayson made it easy for conservatives to enjoy his defeat. George Will perhaps put it best in a recent column: "Public life would be improved by scrubbing Rep. Alan Grayson from it." Indeed.

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