The Scrapbook is delighted to commend the latest collection from our celebrated contributing editor Joseph Epstein, Essays in Biography (Axios Press), and not just because some of the chapters originally appeared in these pages. As readers of this magazine know, Epstein is a gifted storyteller, a discerning critic, and a peerless stylist. Essays in Biography collects his thoughts on figures as diverse as T. S. Eliot and Michael Jordan, Max Beerbohm and Saul Bellow, Adlai Stevenson and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

It’s fair to say that a variety of overused adjectives​—​witty, urbane, intelligent​—​are in this case quite appropriate. The book is a hefty 603 pages, and The Scrapbook assures you that you will wish it were longer. If you savor it, and you should, it will keep you entertained through the cold months ahead. Buy one for yourself, and lay away a few more for gifts in the upcoming holiday season.

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