"I think it's not good enough to say it's free speech, it should be allowed. I think if this does provoke action against American citizens or Americans anywhere else in the world then maybe we do need to think how much freedom is OK."

So says Pakistan’s foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar.

That's her opinion, of course, and in peddling it to CNN she is exercising something that might be called ... er, free speech. There will not be rioters in American streets, protesting her remarks. Nobody will suggest getting a few of the boys together and burning down Pakistan's embassy in Washington. Nobody will, in fact, do much of anything. We expect this sort of thing from our "friends" in the Muslim world. Our government is too busy apologizing for some obscure, crackpot video that some Muslims find offensive to be offended by the impertinence of the foreign minister's remarks.

Americans, being Americans, are still free to speak out and tell her to go climb up her thumb. When the day comes that Americans need advice from Pakistan on the virtues of free speech, then that will be the day that we stop sending our money to Pakistan to buy its "friendship."

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