Eric Edelman, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, and Dan Senor, all board members of the Foreign Policy Initiative, released the following statement this morning:

"Congress is now weighing a stopgap funding bill that would give the Pentagon modest flexibility to absorb sequestration cuts in fiscal year 2013. This bill, however, will not reverse defense sequestration, and the funding level for the rest of FY 2013 could do real damage to our defense capabilities, and our ability to maintain global security and to protect our economic and strategic interests.

"We're pleased that Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget for FY 2014 represents a step in the right direction. The Ryan Budget would cancel defense sequestration beginning in FY 2014. We would point out, though, that its funding level is still below that which both parties and the Obama Administration thought acceptable just two years ago.

"We urge the Senate and the President to restore defense spending at least to the Ryan budget level. And we urge all parties to stop slashing defense for the sake of seeming to do something about the budget deficit, and get serious about adequate funding for national defense, not only next year but also in the long term."

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