Less than a month after his primary victory in Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, Republican candidate Tom Cotton gets a laudatory profile in Roll Call:

Though the Sept. 11 attacks made Cotton want to join the Army immediately, he finished law school first, did a clerkship with a judge and worked at a firm. Once he had paid off his law school loans, he signed up to be an officer in the infantry and shipped out to begin training in January 2005.

“The main reason I’m running is a lot of the same reasons I left my law practice to join the Army,” he said. “I think the country is at a crossroads and we need new and young leaders who are willing to step forward and make some hard choices that are going to help put the country back on the path to security and prosperity.”

After serving almost five years in the Army, with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Cotton is now the GOP nominee in a strongly Republican district in a state that has been trending more conservative. With the retirement of Rep. Mike Ross (D), the open seat is quite likely to be represented by Cotton come January.

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