The latest Rasmussen poll showsMitt Romney and Herman Cain running more or less even with President Obama among likely independent voters, while Rick Perry trails by double-digits. Among independents, Romney leads Obama by 2 percentage points (40 to 38 percent), Cain and Obama are tied (at 37 percent), and Perry trails Obama by 18 points (46 to 28 percent). Ron Paulis actually doing betterthan Perry among independents — as Paul trails Obama by 10 points (44 to 34 percent) — as is Jon Huntsman (who leads Obama by 4 points — 33 to 29 percent). (Rasmussen hasn’t released head-to-match matchups with Obama over the past two weeks for any of the other Republican candidates.)

Rasmussenalso showsthat the “generic Republican candidate” is routing Obama by 10 points among independents (41 to 31 percent), which suggests that Republicans aren’t the only ones who lack enthusiasm for the specific candidates in the current GOP field.

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