At a campaign event in Pennsylvania, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that "Liberal policies don't make good jobs," before critiquing Obamacare, overbearing regulations, slow job growth, and a slew of other Obama policies. Romney also focused on crony capitalism in the Obama administration and said he's "ashamed" of this practice.

As Romney described it, according to a rush transcript, "Where the government comes in, and based on who you know in government, who is a friend in government, you get money from them. You get taxpayer dollars. That's happening in this country today."

"I'm ashamed to say that we're seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign contributors, when he gave money, $500 million in loans to a company called Fisker that makes high end electric cars and they make the cars now in Finland. That is wrong and it's got to stop," Romney said of Obama's crony capitalism. "That kind of crony capitalism does not create jobs and it does not create jobs here. I believe in free people and free markets and I want government to get out of investing in individual businesses."

Romney added: "So the president's looking around for someone to blame, and recently, I became the reason for all the problems. I was as surprised, my family and me, but he's always looking for someone out there: ATM machines, tsunamis, China, Europe. It's always something--Congress. We won't forget, by the way, that Congress was in his party for two years with a super majority. He takes responsibility for what happened while he was president and he had his Congress, but so he's looking around, he can't find someone to blame effectively. He's out of ideas. He's got no new ideas for getting the economy going. He's got no one new to blame."

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