President Romney, as Marina Koren of the National Journal reports, appeared today on the television show Morning Joe and said:

"As you know, I part company with many of the conservatives in my party on the issue of minimum wage … I think we ought to raise it. Quite frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better pay.”

The “quite frankly” bit is nice. The man takes a stand. Sort of like how:

January 2012, Mitt Romney said he had long been in favor of increasing the minimum wage. A few months later, facing outcry from the right, he reversed his stance.

He never said, “Read my lips,” but the phrase was pretty much out of fashion in 2012. So he called himself “severely conservative.”

To President Romney’s mind, the minimum wage was never really that important. Not worth taking a lot of flack from the media and seeing those poll numbers dropping by the day. The knuckle-draggers may be attached to the issue but then … what do they know about the real world of business and politics and reaching across aisles and finding common ground in the fashion that was so successful in the campaign of 2012?

Your position on the issues, one day to the next, isn’t what’s important. Winning is what’s important. President Romney, and Republicans like him, have proven they know how to win.

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