In an interview with radio host Laura Ingraham this morning, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney acknowledged that Newt Gingrich is likely going to win a few states over the course of the primary process.

“I will get the chance to post-up against Newt in not just the South, but of course the Midwest and the West and all over the country,” Romney told Ingraham. “I expect that Newt will win some primaries and contests, and I expect I will as well. My job is to make sure I get the most delegates by the time we’re finished—hopefully, 1,150 or so—and I have a path to do that. But I’m not expecting win them all.”

Romney’s interview provides a glimpse of a candidate trying to tamp down expectations before tomorrow’s primary vote in South Carolina. At this point, the insurgent Gingrich looks like he’s been closing the gap—even pulling ahead in polls released in the last 24 hours—with some now predicting that Gingrich will be able to claim victory tomorrow night.

“[Gingrich] has a message that he’ll carry,” Romney said. “I think the great difference between the two of us is that he spent the last 30 or 40 years either being an elected official in Washington or being a person that connects people in Washington—a lobbyist, if you will. And I just can’t imagine that the United States of American is going to replace a Washington politician with another Washington politician.”

Ingraham did bring up the income tax return issue, with Romney responding, “I will release my tax returns as soon as I have them.”

But considering how much of an issue the income tax returns have been over the last month, it seems reporters and voters will continue to ask for them only because they have not been released.

Romney did, however, begin to lay the groundwork for releasing them by telling Ingraham that he did not have control over his finances “for the last ten years.”

“What is funny to me is that we have these financial disclosure forms which describe all of the investments that have been made, by the way a blind trust,” Romney told Ingraham. “My investments have been managed by a trustee in a blind trust for the last ten years, but all of that, all that the blind trustee put out there, all the investments that he has made on my behalf is all available.”

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