Mitt Romney's campaign announced this morning that it raised "more than $14 million for the third quarter."

·Total Amount Raised In Primary Contributions For The Year: $32.49 Million

·Amount Raised In Primary Contributions In The Third Quarter: $14.16 Million

·Amount Raised In Primary Contributions In The Second Quarter: $18 Million

·Cash On Hand: $14.65 Million

·Number Of Contributors In Third Quarter: 55,947

·Increase In Total Donors From Second Quarter: 73%

·Percent Of Contributions Less Than $250 In The Third Quarter: 83%

·Contributions Received From All 50 States And Washington, D.C.

·No General Election Money Collected

·Mitt Romney Did Not Make A Personal Loan

Rick Perry's campaign announced earlier this month that "it raised more than $17 million for the GOP primary race between Aug. 13 and Sept. 30 from more than 22,000 unique contributors. Because of his August 13th entry into the race, Gov. Perry raised funds for just 49 of the 92 days in the quarter."

Romney's campaign also released a new web ad today, suggesting that the White House is "nervous" about facing the former Massachusetts governor in the 2012 election:

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