Remember that "pious baloney" Newt Gingrich accused Mitt Romney of serving up at this morning's Republican presidential debate? Well, just a couple hours after that memorable debate moment, Romney told a New Hampshire crowd: "There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip."

No doubt there were times in Romney's extremely successful and lucrative business career that he remembers as tough or uncertain, but is this really a plausible way to connect with the average American voter?

Sarah Boxer of National Journal reports:

Mitt Romney, who argued in Sunday’s debate that Newt Gingrich’s allies had gone “over the top” in attacking his record at Bain Capital, sought at a rally right afterward to show that he could relate to struggling Americans.

"I know these are tough times," Romney told hundreds who gathered here to see the front-runner in the Republican nomination race. "I've learned what it's like to sign the front of a paycheck, not just the back of a paycheck. And to know how frightening it is to see if you can make payroll at the end of the week. These are experiences that many of you know."

Romney went on to say that he personally had experienced the same anxiety many Americans have over losing their jobs. "I know what it’s like to worry about whether you're going to get fired. There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip," Romney said, but he didn't elaborate.

Hmm. Romney is worth an estimated $250 million. It seems a bit far fetched that "he could relate to struggling Americans," as Boxer reported he was attempting to do, by talking about jobs, paychecks, and pink slips.

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