A new list of non-Jews "who are most positively influencing the Jewish future" lists Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the top position. The list was created and compiled by the Algeimener, a Jewish newspaper.

"Love or hate his politics, Romney’s vocal support for Israel as a contender for the world’s top job, has challenged the incumbent and many Americans to rediscover their own understanding of the United States’ special relationship with the Jewish state," the writes the Algemeiner.

The description of why the Jewish paper picked Romney continues: "His tough stance on Iran has put the Ayatollahs on notice. In his recent trip to the Holy Land, he acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and cited the historic connection of the Jewish people with the land, which has gone a long way in underlining the Jewish narrative regarding Israel on the world stage, thereby earning him the top spot this year."

Coming second on the Algemeiner's list is Rupert Murdoch. "It has been a rough year for Murdoch as his News International faced public inquiries and scandal," says the Jewish paper. "He remains however, the patriarch of an unparalleled international media conglomerate that has stood out for its overall fair portrayal of Israel in related news items. Murdoch, and his right hand Roger Ailes, were honored in May of this year at Manhattan’s Museum of Jewish Heritage where he said, 'To my mind, that is the grand promise of Zionism: that Israel exists so that Jews can protect themselves.' He concluded, 'I believe that it is no longer just Israel’s survival at stake but our own.'"

And third is Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper:

Ranked number one on last year’s list, Harper’s support for Israel and friendship to Canada’s Jewish community has been unwavering.

In June of this year it was revealed that his Defense Minister Peter MacKay told Israel’s top military commander at the time, Maj.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, during a 2011 visit to the Middle East that “a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada.”

Notably, last year he blocked a G8 resolution that would have supported President Obama’s 2011 Middle East policy speech, mentioning the call for a Palestinian State based on the 1967 lines, while not incorporating other elements of the speech.

Also included on this list: Manmohan Singh (the prime minister of India), Ayoob Kara (a Druze Knesset member), Eric Schmidt (Google chairman), Michael Gove (British secretary of education), Jose Maria Aznar (former Spanish prime minister), Bob Costas (NBC sports reporter), and Pilar Rahola (of Spain).

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