Because of the so-called supercommittee’s inability to recommend just over a trillion dollars of savings from the federal budget over the next ten years, $600 billion worth of cuts to military spending will automatically be sequestered beginning in 2013. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is urging President Obama to prevent this from happening.

In an interview over the weekend, Romney stated, according to the Hill: "I’m calling on the president to say no way for those cuts, restore the $600 billion into the military and take that amount and eliminate it from other programs."

"And I’d like to see the president put out a series of programs he would actually eliminate or cut," he continued. "So far all we've seen from this president is a willingness to cut national defense and there have to be some recognitions across Washington that suggest no, no, there are other places that we can reduce federal spending.”

As Jen Rubin notes, Romney is “the first presidential candidate to explicitly call for President Obama to nix the defense spending sequestration.” It would be good if all the others followed his lead on this issue.

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