The Romney campaign releases this web ad, saying that President Obama has had his "moment" to fix the economic problems:

VIDEO TEXT: “Three Years Ago”

VIDEO TEXT: “Barack Obama Told The Country That He Is Responsible For The Economy...”

VIDEO TEXT: “July 14, 2009”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:“So I welcome the job. I want the responsibility…”


VIDEO TEXT: “So Where Are We Now?”

VIDEO TEXT: “Now, 23.2 Million Americans Out Of Work”

VIDEO TEXT: “Underemployed Or No Longer Looking For Work”

VIDEO TEXT: “40 Straight Months Of Over 8% Unemployment”

VIDEO TEXT: “Middle-Class Struggles Have Deepened…”

VIDEO TEXT: “And Median Household Income Has Dropped By More Than $4,000”

VIDEO TEXT: “Now, He Tells Us…”

VIDEO TEXT: “June 14, 2012”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:“Of course the economy isn’t where it needs to be.”

VIDEO TEXT: “But He Still Wants Four More Years To Fix The Problem”

MITT ROMNEY:“Well Mr. President, you’ve had your moment. We’ve seen the results. And now Mr. President, this is our time.”

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