Fox News host Greta Van Susteren finds Ron Paul supporters in the streets of Poland, where Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is visiting:

"Well, exactly, in Poland, there is a party that is called the Right Wing Congress and this is like, exactly the same as Ron Paul says in America," a Paul supporter tells Van Susteren. "The same things that Ron Paul says in America this is the same thing in Poland."

Van Susteren asks, Did you come to the square to see Governor Romney?

"Well, yeah, we came out here just to say hello," he says. "And to tell him that we're not interested in his candidacy; we are interested in Ron Paul and what he says, because he is the one that really makes a difference. He's the one that says about our troops coming back to Poland and not dying with American troops out there. And he is the only one that says about the visas problem, because this is something that is very distracting for us, you know. Polish people have to go and ask for the opportunity to go the U.S.A. to have a trip. And this is awful for us. And Ron Paul about demolishing the system, not changing or altering it in any way. He's just saying about completely destroying it. And this is what we think should be done."

"What about President Obama?," the Fox News host asked.

The Paul supporter responded, "We are completely against President Obama. President Obama is a socialist--in Poland, he would even be called a Communist."

The interview is set to air later tonight on Fox News.

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