For what it's worth: When I saw Colman McCarthy's anti-ROTC Washington Post op-ed online Wednesday evening, I e-mailed it to a few friends with the subject line, "it's helpful to have opponents like this." Allahpundit had a similar thought, and has developed it with characteristic wit and verve:

"I've heard liberals say that WaPo's opinion page skews right, but after reading this, I completely agree with them, actually. If you were a conservative looking to discredit ROTC opponents, what sort of leftist would you recruit for an op-ed? How about a guy who dismisses ROTC classes as "softie courses" literally two sentences after praising race/gender/LGBT identity studies? Or how about a guy prone to saying things like, "I admire those who join armies, whether America's or the Taliban's"? Find the man willing to put those thoughts to paper and you've found a perfect patsy for your pro-ROTC agenda.

Well played, WaPo. Very well played."

The man known only as Allahpundit also points out,

"Even at Yale, nearly 70 percent of students support the return of ROTC now that DADT has been repealed, with hundreds among them expressing interest in the program. Which is to say, even within safely liberal precincts, this sort of hostility to the program is way, way out there....Exit question: Which "principles," precisely, does McCarthy admire the Taliban for defending?"

Read the whole thing (Allahpundit that need to spend more time on McCarthy).

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