The Obamacare exchanges have experienced problems in the startup phase. But this, the administration tell us, is to be expected. Even Apple deals with glitches.

In Maryland, whose governor aims to be president and has been all-in on Obamacare, people attempting to enroll may be thinking, "We know Apple. Apple is a friend of ours. And this turkey is no Apple."

As Lena H. Sun of the Washington Post reports:

… when Tuesday arrived, Maryland’s Web site stumbled badly. People couldn’t log on, forcing state officials to delay the opening of the exchange for four hours. Even after it opened, many frustrated users were unable to create accounts, the first step in buying coverage. All told, fewer than 100 people have managed to enroll.

Meanwhile, Governor Martin O'Malley:

… and his wife have been on a long-planned vacation out of state this week. But the governor has been checking in regularly. One aide said that O’Malley was “very emphatic” in conversations Thursday that he wants the glitches fixed, regardless of what it takes.

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