With the first Presidential debate of 2012 about to commence, THE WEEKLY STANDARD caught up with Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and asked him his thoughts on the debate. Rubio highlighted how the debate was an opportunity for voters to see and judge Romney directly without the media shaping their perception of the candidate:

I think [Romney] has to do what he's been doing and that is connect what we stand for to the every day lives of the people that we want to represent. ... What's good about this is that people are going to get to see him standing next to Barack Obama answering the same questions without the filter of the talking heads or the even of the surrogates that speak on their behalf. It's going to be straight to the American people. Tonight, millions of people who have suffered over the last four years because of this economy under Barack Obama are going to have a chance to see the free enterprise ideas Mitt Romney is offering. And I think when they do, you're going to start to notice it all across the country.

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