Mickey Kaus has some more tough criticism for the immigration reform bill and one of its chief engineers, Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio:

Rubio: Illegals will pay fines or be deported! Ambassador of Amnesty Marco Rubio argues on Powerlineor rather, “Marco Rubio” argues, since the words are attributed only to his “office”**–that critics overstate the number of new immigrants who would be added by his legalization bill:

There are approximately 11 million illegals currently in the US, and many of them won’t be eligible for legalization (because they haven’t been here long enough, don’t pass background checks, can’t afford the fines, etc.) and will have to be deported. [E.A]

Really? We’re going to deport a significant chunk of the 11 million–and not just because they’ve arrived since 2011 (the cutoff), but because they don’t scratch together enough money (initially, $1,000) for fines? Would Sen. Schumer and Cecilia Munoz go along with this characterization of the legislation? Answer: no. It’s not going to happen. Rubio–and his “office”–are cementing his new national reputation as a dissembler.

Read the whole thing here.

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