A new Rasmussen poll shows Marco Rubio getting 50%, with Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek trailing far behind at 25% and 19%, repsectively.

Meek vehemently denies rumors that he might drop out and endorse Crist; this poll makes that scenario much less likely. Even if every last one of Meek's supporters backed Crist, Rubio would still win.

Even if Crist did surge in the polls, why would an up-and-coming Democrat like Meek tarnish his own integrity and credibility by backing an opportunistic former Republican like Crist?

Update: A statement from Rubio adviser Todd Harris: “Rasmussen’s numbers have been pretty close all year, and while it’s always better to be up than down, the reality is that this poll is an outlier. We feel very good about where we are, but there are still three long weeks to go.”

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