In an interview with the Heritage Foundation, Florida senator Marco Rubio praised the House budget drafted by Congressman Paul Ryan. "Ultimately, I congratulate Paul Ryan," Rubio said. "The Democrats in the Senate aren't going to produce a budget and they can't produce a budget," Rubio added. "And the reason why they can't is they have no ideas and no plans how to save Medicare, how to fix our tax code, how to spend less money than we take in."

Asked if it's possible to balance the budget in 10 years, as the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan proposes, Rubio said, "I think it's possible. I mean the question is whether it's politically doable and that's a much different question. But I think it's certainly possible to do and that should be our goal."

The Ryan budget is facing some opposition from the Club for Growth and at least two House Republicans who supported a nearly identical budget last year. But most conservatives, like Tea Party favorite Rubio, generally seem pleased with this year's budget--even if they wish they could do more.

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