Ramesh Ponnuru notes that Senator Marco Rubio's statement on Obama's adjusted mandate "seems to suggest that this particular battle is over even if the war over Obamacare continues."

Rubio's statement:

“It’s good that the President reaffirmed that the Federal government cannot force faith-based institutions to provide services that they teach are wrong. Unfortunately, as more of these rules are written, our Constitutional rights will continue to be threatened by the Administration’s policy goals. This issue exemplifies the problem with putting the Federal government in charge of health care, and shows why we must fully repeal ObamaCare.”

Does Rubio think Obama's new policy is acceptable? "No," Rubio spokesman Alex Conant writes in an email to TWS. "Reaffirming religious freedoms is good, but the policy is unconstitutional and endemic of why we must repeal Obamacare."

Obama's policy "violates religious freedoms," Conant added. Rubio still hopes the Senate will act on one of the bills introduced to reverse the administration's policy.

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