Ben Smith reports:

Republican Marco Rubio wrote Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today, asking her to turn a planned arms sale to Bahrain into a pressure point on that country's human rights record.

Bahrain is a particularly vivid illustration of the balance between U.S. interests -- they're a staunch and vital ally, hosting the U.S. naval headquarters for the Persian Gulf and South Asia; and values -- they're undemocratic and have killed some 34 protesters....

"I appreciate Bahrain's concern about Iranian ambitions in the region and the potential threat to the country's stability, but I believe the government's response to the disturbances actually threatens the country's long-term stability, jeopardizes the United States' standing in Bahrain and the Middle East, and plays into the hands of Iran," he writes in the letter, which you can see in full here.

Whole thing here.

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