Jeff Anderson argues at National Review Online that Congressman Paul Ryan "has outgrown his office" and should run for president. "If Ryan wants to change America, he needs to change jobs," Anderson writes.

The 2012 election will be about the economy. Paul Ryan has proven that he's the most articulate advocate of the conservative position on economic and budgetary issues. Anderson writes:

At last year’s GOP House Issues Conference, Ryan burst onto the national stage by challenging Obama’s facts on deficit spending, leaving the president stammering and quite eager to move on to another questioner. At the “health summit,” Ryan stole the show with a blistering critique of Obamacare, to which Obama offered no coherent response. Two months ago, Ryan pointedly told Obama, “Mr. President, the demagoguery only stops if the leaders stop it,” adding, “Leadership should come from the top.” His fellow Republicans gave him a standing ovation — and this was inside the White House.

Ryan can unite the GOP’s tea-party and establishment wings.

"This time around, as we approach what’s likely to be the most important presidential election at least since 1864, Republicans cannot afford to nominate anyone other than their best and brightest — and the best and brightest can’t afford to sit it out," Anderson writes. "The fate of Obamacare, and more broadly of limited government and liberty, too clearly hangs in the balance. Americans deserve to have 2012 feature Paul Ryan versus Barack Obama, locked in a battle for the future — and the soul — of the country."

For more, read the boss's editorial, "Six Circumstances in Search of a Candidate."

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