Paul Gigot, writing at the Wall Street Journal:

"The biggest Republican names are rallying to Mitt Romney, and the latest is Paul Ryan, who today will endorse the likely GOP nominee in advance of Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. Mr. Ryan joins former President George H.W. Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who also boosted Mr. Romney this week. ...

"Mr. Ryan's endorsement is especially notable because it also reflects the policy progress that Mr. Romney has made over the course of the campaign. The former Massachusetts Governor has embraced a modified version of Mr. Ryan's premium-support Medicare reform. Mr. Romney's tax reform outline didn't go as far as Mr. Ryan's proposal for only two income tax rates, 10% and 25%, but it did embrace a 20% across-the-board tax cut and the principle of lower rates and fewer deductions. More recently, Mr. Romney endorsed Mr. Ryan's House budget, which the presidential candidate could have ducked. No doubt all of this influenced Mr. Ryan's thinking."

Whole thing here.

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